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SendSpace Wizard 1.6

Upload multiple files into your sendspace account
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Sendspace Wizard is a utility especially created to help you easily upload files using your Sendspace account. Sendspace is a service similar to Dropbox, but it focuses mostly on file sharing. It comes as a free program, and it will help you save precious time otherwise spent manually uploading files on the Sendspace website.

I think this small tool efficiently fulfils its purpose by offering a simple and easy-to-use graphical interface. It consists of two panes (similar to Total Commander or other file managers) that display contents from both your hard drives and your Sendspace account.
The program supports drag-and-drop actions in order to ease the process of uploading files into your account.

I appreciated that Sendspace Wizard can be configured to limit both the download and upload speeds at specific values. This is an efficient way of managing both your Internet connection and traffic.

Given the fact that Sendspace focuses mostly on files sharing, when uploading files using your account, you are offered the opportunity to provide the e-mail address of the person you need to share your files with. They will receive an e-mail message containing the link to those files.

Sendspace Wizard is a useful tool for anyone who constantly shares data over the Internet.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free program
  • Intuitive graphical user-interface
  • Easy-to-use
  • Provides fast transfer speed


  • It is still not Dropbox
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